Skills Needed for HomeCockpit Building


Typically a little bit of woodworking knowledge and skill can help a lot in building a flight simulator. Many flight simulators are primarily built with solid wood and plywood, so having fundamental woodworking knowledge will help a lot in construction. Try to learn and know about safely cutting wood, and different types of joinery to put wood together. A good place to start is Steve Ramsey’s Woodworking for Mere Mortals.


Metalworking is not used very often for many beginners, but if you decide to make a metal structure a knowledge of welding will be helpful.

Electronics Knowledge

Knowing how circuits work, and why LEDs need resistance can help a lot in the wiring process. Try to learn a little bit about Arduino before starting, to know what you are doing.

Soldering/Electronic Skills

Soldering is definitely a skill that takes time. The way I learned was to use YouTube tutorials then practice practice practice!

Troubleshooting/Problem Solving

You really need patience when working with simulators. Sometimes things won’t work and you really need to start from the beginning, trying one variable at a time until you find the problem and work out a solution. Ask questions! They can help a lot!

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