How to Directly Drive x.27 or x.40 Stepper Motors with MobiFlight

For this tutorial, you need the following components

  • MobiFlight Connector
  • MobiFlight Compatible Arduino with the newest MobiFlight Firmware
  • x27 Stepper (Singleshaft) and/or x40 (DoubleShaft) Stepper
  • Soldering Iron, Soldering tin, wires

Connect the wires to consecutive pins in your Arduino:


Go to “MobiFlight Modules”

Add a new device (Stepper Motor), then configure the pins, so that Pin 2 and Pin 3 are swapped:


It is important to have these two pins swapped otherwise the stepper will just buzz around angrily.

Under “Output” create a row, and name it what you’d like. Don’t forget to check the active box.

Configure the stepper to whatever you’d like.


Under display, choose your stepper and insert your sim/stepper value.
For me I found moving the stepper 729 steps gives 360 degrees of motion.
The stepper has 315 degrees maximum so I set this as the test value.


This was written by Captain Bob with help from Discord Members @Ralf (elral66), @Tuomas Kuosmanen (tigertfly), @Jaime Leon and @John Toroid Thank you so much for helping me get it to work!

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