Hourly Rate: $22/hour
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 Mentor Meetings/Advice Sessions:

I offer general flight simulator advice for individuals. These can take place via 1-on-1 video meetings. We can cover whatever you’d like – I can work with you on your models, or we can talk out parts of your simulator.


Custom Simulator Components:

I design, build and ship you a custom simulator component. We agree on a price to start, then start building!


File Editing:

Does a part of the Cessna 172 Project (or other) need editing for your needs? Shoot me a mail, I’ll check a look!

CAD Designing:

I enjoy modeling things, if you need something modeled for your simulator, shoot me a mail!


Video Editing:

Like the video editing style of my videos?

Public Speaking:

Do you have an event you’d like me to speak at?

Contact for more information.

Circuit Board Design

Have a complicated thing to wire? It’s likely I’ll be able to design a circuit board for you.

Other Services:

  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design