Custom Orders: Terms and Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions for custom orders! Design works best when we’re both on the same page, so make sure to read through these and contact me about any adjustments we need for your circumstances.

My Side:

  • I won’t take on a project if I know I cannot deliver a satisfactory result
  • (Unless explicitly negotiated) If I design a file for a custom project, I own the commercial rights to it. This makes design time cheaper and faster for everyone.
    • This builds up a library of parts ready to modify – If I already made a part for someone else’s project I can reuse it and adapt it to your needs.
    • I will not charge you for the design time of a panel I already have – just the time to adapt it to your needs
    • If you want commercial rights to the file let me know as soon as possible
    • Your project file may be made available for free or for a fee to the general public in an effort to make flight simulation more accessible
  • I can cancel at any time, issuing a refund to you (the buyer)
  • I can document the process publicly – while you (the buyer) remain confidential
    • I can share project files online – free or paid
    • Documentation may be through YouTube or the website
  • I can requote the product should anything major change (from there we can decide whether or not to cancel this item)

Your Side:

  • You can cancel at any time, receiving a refund excluding any components you already have, or any services already administered
  • You should share any design constraints to make sure everything works with your system
  • You can make as many revisions as you want if design/manufacturing labor is quoted hourly
  • Should the revisions significantly alter the price, a requote may be needed so we can both be on the same page
  • You can always contact me about any concerns or ideas

Let’s Get In Touch: