Build Your Dream Home Cockpit

"People build simulators- but simulators build people."

What is Captain Bob?

I’m a teen hoping to make a difference in your flight sim experience.

What exactly is this boy making?

I am building a Full-Scale High Fidelity/Realism Flight Simulator modeled off the popular Cessna 172SP

The goal is for it to completely simulate and replicate every single system seen from the pilot in flight, from Force Feedback Controls to the Map Box, to the vibrations experienced during takeoff.

What is Captain Bob all about?

I make Full Scale Flight Simulator plans available for free online. I then make videos building and configuring them to help others to make them too!

I also provide sell simulator kits and components to help make simulators more accessible to those without expensive tools.

What drives me

My parents used to drive me. But then I got my drivers license. Now it's all me.

But what motivates me? I've been building simulators for 3 years now, and have enjoyed every second of it. (Except when my 3D prints turn into spaghetti) 🍝

I enjoy sparking other people's interest in this wonderful hobby, and teaching people everything I've learned.

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Our Work

We work hard to create innovative and open flight simulation solutions.
Here is some of our past work:

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We listen to our customers

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Let's get started- there's not a moment to lose!

Frequently Asked Questions

A good attitude, a few tools, some materials, and maybe a few sodas or something. More information is on the Start Here page.


Counting materials alone- yes. You can save money in many cases. 

Factoring in your time- probably not. Sim building can take a lot of time. If you just want the end result- and you don’t care about the personalization, customization and experience. Gulp. It might be better to buy. If you do enjoy the building process and want to learn, welcome aboard Captain Bob Air Flight 7203! It’s a heck of a ride, and I find it well worth it.

If you follow plans- you can save tons of time, and “Mistake Money” from costly prototyping. I make all my C172 Project files available for free on the GitHub. If you find this epic, you can donate to me.

The GitHub Repo houses the CAD models for the Cessna 172 Project, however- Arduino code is not yet being released because it changes on a case-by-case basis.
Probably somewhere in your house. Statistically speaking.
Anywhere from 1 month to 1 decade. It all depends on how often you work on it and what degree of realism you’d like in your project. 
I estimate mine will take 8 years (I’m 3 years into it)
Each Arduino Mega can have many electronics. Roughly 68 buttons, 20 rotary encoders, 10 Servos, 10 Stepper Motors. As long as you have enough pins and MobiFlight will let you- you can do it! Knock yourself out! (More info here)
You can have multiple Arduinos under the extras/settings tab. This is limited only really by practicality and the amount of USB devices windows can handle. Usually this is about 104.

Realistic Homecockpit Flight Sim Building is a very niche topic- not a lot of people know about it 🙂

This is a fun hobby for many of us because it allows us to build something we are proud of. I personally love it because it is very challenging and teaches me loads about engineering. Michael from Mickey’s Flight deck compares this to “model train building”, caring deeply about the details. Many homecockpit builders find great joy in making their simulators as real as possible, while others just want to get flying ✈️


You can help either financially or with your energy.

I never expect compensation for the Cessna 172 project, but your support helps me to grow it.

I have the financial capability to fund my projects– do not feel obligated to donate!

For a smaller simulator a space the size of a cubicle should work (6ft by 6ft or 2m by 2m)
I’ve only tested the CH Yoke and Honeycomb Alpha Yoke. Out of these two I’d definitely recommend the Honeycomb Yoke. Though it is more expensive, the 180 degrees of roll travel and the built in switch panel make this a clear winner.

It almost makes the Cessna 172 Switch Panel I made irrelevant 😭

Technically None! GeoFS is a free online flight simulator you can use with your keyboard- and there are plenty of free Mobile Flight Simulators -my favorite being the X-Plane Mobile.
Building Flight Sim Rigs is another story however. FS2020 costs around $50-100 and the tools and materials some people buy can add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

HOWEVER: You don’t need to match the people who’ve been doing this for years on your first day. Start with what you have and move on from there!

Happy Words, Smiling Faces

Thanks my friend you are the best, you inspired me to improve my home sim, I was using monitor with bezel through Air Manager, but with your videos I am moving next level, thanks again!!
-YouTube comment
Thanks so much. I really learn many things about simulators watching your videos, I´d like you make some tutorials about how to use MobiFlight. I´ve watched a lot of videos but yours are the best.
-YouTube comment
Can anyone imagine how awesome it would be, to wander inside such a beautiful mind, even if it was for few seconds! Which in my case would most likely cause an overload and a permanent brain freeze! Dude you are awesome! I really hope you get all your ratings, and fly for whatever lucky airlines you want. Keep up the good work!
-YouTube Comment
I enjoy your videos and I'm surprised by your abilities for a young man. I'm certain whatever your life goals are you will achieve them.
-Email Communication