Cessna 172 Project

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Version 3


The Cessna 172 Project (V3) started October 20th, 2020.

Watch the video series here!!

It started out scrapping everything from the Cessna 172 Project Version 2 and starting new based from a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) model.

This CAD model gave me a rough shape of what the Cessna 172 is like, and is probably dimensionally accurate to about 3-5 inches (you can only get “so” accurate without measuring an actual plane).

From there, I created the bodies and filled them up!

The body is built from some machine-milled plywood.

You can also use a jigsaw, but the CNC mill machines these with a nicer finish.

With the Cessna 172 Project, I decided to sell everything I make (including the CNC Milled structure). You can purchase parts on the shop page.

I don’t want to be too “salesman-y”, so here’s my one plug for the shop.

I placed the panel, and started designing everything around it!

Much of the work on the simulator is little tiny tweaks and hours on CAD software. I hope this little Airspeed Indicator makes you smile though!

Version 2

This is the Cessna 172R flight sim vs a real C172. I did not finish this before going onto version 3. Too many things were breaking, and I felt it would be better to start an entire new version with better design constraints kept in mind.

I started off with a complete Cessna, but then gradually decreased to make it more portable and to focus my energy.

In the beginning, I planned on having an Overhead panel for failures and simulator events, but that was later eliminated when I “slimmed” my cockpit. Slimming my cockpit meant cutting all of the components that were not necessary.

Version 1

This C172 was created when I was very young, so keep this in mind when watching my filmmaking 🙂


I started out with foam and 1/2″ PVC Pipe Construction (Which is super good for a kid who doesn’t know what they are doing).

I had an OSB plywood floor on 2″ wheels (The plywood needed reinforcement, as the middle was sagging). I used 2 Jeep Seats I found on craigslist, and a $20 bench (Also craigslist).

I used OSB for the Panel (I later upgraded to plywood) and covered the OSB with duct tape because the painting process was messy.

Initially, I planned on having the seats on rails, but the rails would break and the ball bearings would go everywhere! I later upgraded to 1.5″ wheels.