Hi! I’m Trevor, I go by “Captain Bob”. I wanted to be an airline pilot before I found my love for engineering (and that I didn’t meet the colorblindness standards for night flight).

Captain Bob was used because my parents and I didn’t want to share my name online, but when I racked up “loads of subscribers” (~1,000) and I could share my name for some reason. Captain Bob Stuck, because I am too lazy to change my branding, and I like the name 🙂

When I was a child (still am 😁), I always looked up at airliners flying above my house and would think “That is so cool” then go back to eating grass, or whatever. This inspired my love for aviation. I’ve felt like a mechanically inclined person from a pretty young age, loving to build mini projects (like a complete failure of a pedal cart) that soak up some of my attention.


  • In December 2017 I got Microsoft Flight Simulator and the TX Hostas Joystick (The $50 one with a stick and throttle)
  • On my birthday in 2017, I got Gleim’s Private Pilot Kit, and have been studying to be a pilot, I am now about 1/3 of the way done (I’ve been taking my time)
  • In December 2017 I got my first set of Rudder Pedals, the Logitech Pro Pedals.
  • On my Birthday in 2018, I got my CH Products Yoke
  • 2021 Downloaded FS2020 and flew around chasing cars on the highway.
  • The story has built from there, and now I’ve learned how to build, design, edit, and make homecockpits.
Here is me impersonating a ramp agent on October 31st. It’s okay because its Halloween.
Impersonate responsibly.

My Mission: Have Fun, Inform, Inspire

I make flight simulator configuration tutorials as well as the Cessna 172 Project:

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I love showing people how to wire things to MobiFlight because it lets me know they are getting into this wonderful hobby too!


Email Me: CaptainBobSim@gmail.com