Partners and Resources


Altimeter Motives, LLC Provided Main Panel, as well as a Monitor Flight Simulator that’s perfect for practicing instrument flying! Highly recommend their products.

FlightSimMaker provided the G1000 PCBs for my project as well as his fantastic G1000 designs online! Go ahead and check out his videos. (Seriously! go check them out!)


General Aviation (Cessna 172, etc.)

CaptainBobSim C172 Project GitHub Wiki

Flying for Fun Cessna 172


Allanglen Cessna 172


Airliners (Boeing 737, etc.)

Mickey’s Flight Deck and YouTube

Heli Mech DIY 737 Blog and YouTube

Zibo 737 Addon Aircraft

Build a Boeing and YouTube


MiniCockpit’s Resource Page

Mike’s Flight Deck (Not to be confused with Mickey’s Flight Deck)

TheoDeckers YouTube

Military Simulators:

Authentikit Spitfire Controls

The Warthog Project and YouTube

Other Media to follow

Wintergatan Marble Machine X

Great Scott Electronics Knowledge Base

HCSCI Knowledge Base

MobiFlight Forums

I have two eyes and half a brain. This is where you come in to save the day!! 🙂

Use the form above or email for any suggestions of great websites you’ve used.