Lend a Hand

The flight simulator community has such wonderful talent!

I’m one person and have a limited amount of time and money I can give to this project. If you would like to help, you are more than welcome to!!


Beta Tester (Slots 0-3 filled): No, not on Beta fish! On projects in Beta! I’ll share projects with you that I’m working on and you can assemble them and provide feedback. (You can always provide feedback on anything by emailing CaptainBobSim@gmail.com ). I can send you beta files and you can assemble them, or I can give you coupons for items on preorder.

Documentation Guru: Take screenshots of videos and provide instructions, tips, and links that will be shown on the GitHub Wiki to help aid new builders. All information will go in the “Cessna 172 Project Instruction Manual”.

Dimensioneer: If you have access to a Late Cessna 172 (C172R or C172SP), share any dimensions for design confirmation!

Public Affairs: Answer questions in comments, Discord, and GitHub, Encourage newcomers, create media resources, aid in hosting events.

Speed Demon: Try to optimize the Cessna 172 Project by finding “life hacks” that make building the C172 simulator easier and more fun.

Thumbnail Artist: Make thumbnails because I’m bad at it 🙂

CAD Team: Help construct the CAD Simulator model.

Idea Compilation/Librarian: Look through the comment section, Discord channel, and Reddit and find high-priority ideas.

Idea Test/Prototyping: Test out ideas to see if they will work in real life.

Quality Control: Take the C172 designs, and push them to their limits. Report fractures via email and suggest any improvements.


Video Documentation

ReadMe Revise as welcome page to the project!

Issues look for

Tips & Tricks article write

Project organization

“Deal shopping” for C172 Link Page (US and Europe products)

Tool list compile

Cutlist create

Contact me directly if you are interested, or use the form below, and we’ll get in contact!
Email: CaptainBobSim@gmail.com

Want to help?