Analog Pins in MobiFlight

MobiFlight Arduino Megas typically used to only have 52 pins. These are pins 2-53 (excluding 0 and 1, which are unusable). With the fairly recent Release 7.8.0, now analog pins are supported for use with digital electronics. This allows users to use pins 54-69. Early in the release, there was a problem that would make the brightness of LEDs different from each other, though this is now not the case, as it has been tested to work. These pins are now stable and can be used with any electronic devices supported by MobiFlight. 

The pinouts are as shown below:

Though these pins are named “Analog Pins” MobiFlight does not yet support Analog Inputs. MobiFlight’s software currently only supports digital interfacing. To get an analog input via a potentiometer, consider using a Joystick card, such as the leobodnar card. You can use the Registered version of FSUIPC

54 A0

55 A1

56 A2

57 A3

58 A4

59 A5

60 A6

61 A7

62 A8

63 A9

64 A10

65 A11

66 A12

67 A13

68 A14

69 A15

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