Flaps Panel Construction

Hey everyone!! It’s Captain Bob, and I’m super excited to give the Flight Sim Association webinar!

On March 12 and 19, we’re hosting a two-part series titled “Building Your Own Home Cockpit”. Taught by me (Captain Bob!) and Sebastian Möbius from MobiFlight, we’ll walk you through how to interface some purchased and 3D printed components into your flight simulator.

Using a Cessna 172 Flaps Module as an example, we’ll be showing you every step of the way, including design, 3D printing, and programming it to work with the flight simulator using open-source software.

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We’re hoping that you’ll do more than just watch; we would love for you to get interactive and build along with us. You will need a 3D printer and basic household tools, along with the list of materials below. We have provided links if you wish to source the items yourself, or a convenient $50 kit that provides everything in one place (except the household tools).

The kit provides all of the parts – 3D Printed and electrical – I don’t want “not having a 3D printer” to be an obstacle to starting a homecockpit. All of the files for this are free – so you can print it at home and order parts online if you would like to.

Source it yourself:

ItemQuantityPriceAmazon Link
PLA: Standard 3D Printing Filament (Amazon). You’ll need White, Black, and Gray (or just paints)$0-80White, Black, Gray, Silver
Optional — 12 Position Rotary Switch: Very standard flight sim component, 22.5 degrees per click. Only use 4 positions.1$9.99Here
B10K Potentiometer to sense the flap position1$8.49Here
Servo: shows what position you are at1$10.99Here
M3 8mm Machine Screws: Common component1$9.33Here
Arduino Mega: Lots of pins – best bang for your buck1$21.99Here
Compression Spring (3/8″ by 3/4″)1$11.99Here
Component Total$62.79-142.79

Get a Kit:

Pick up a Flaps Panel Kit here:


Download the 3D Model!!

Thingiverse Link:


GitHub Link:


Presentation here:


Presentation notes:

Learn CAD

Product Design Online

Brad Tallis

Lars Christensen

Use other people’s designs:





More Links:

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