What Is FlightSimExpo 2021?

FlightSimExpo is an annual flight simulation conference and tradeshow designed to showcase the power of flight simulation to pilots, air traffic controllers, students, simmers, and industry developers.

FlightSimExpo is one of the few places you can see a high concentration of many “Flight Simmers” in one place. In June 2019, FlightSimExpo welcomed 1,650 attendees in Orlando. FlightSimExpo 2021 takes place on September 23-25, 2021 at the Town and Country Resort in San Diego.

I did two podcast episodes on the topic, you can listen to them both here:


One of the awesome things about this expo is seeing all of the developers and community members in person. The FlightSimExpo is an incredible opportunity to meet people in flight simulation. Evan Reiter, co-founder of FlightSimExpo commented, “How often do you get to see the CEO of Orbix… actually answering questions that are submitted by people from the community”.

Visit the Website at: flightsimexpo.com

Why Should I go to FlightSimExpo?

Because FlightSimExpo is North America’s largest flight simulator gathering! You can meet tons of cool people and try loads of new flight simulator equipment. It’s one of the few places you can try flight simulation hardware before you buy it.

Speakers give seminars at FlightSimExpo. I’m super excited to be giving one myself about removing barriers to flight simulation. To see which speakers will be speaking, visit this link.

If you’d like to attend online, you can do so! Visit FlightSimExpo.com for more details.

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