MobiFlight Arduino Compatibility

Which Arduinos can you use?

👑(Recommended) Arduino 2560 Mega (Or Clone)$17.5068$0.26Large
👑(Recommended) Arduino Mega 2560 Pro Mini (Or Clone) $1568$0.22Medium
Arduino Pro Micro (Or Clone)$7.6716$0.48Small
Arduino Uno (Or Clone)$1518$0.83Medium
The MEGA and PRO MINI 2560 are clear winners.
I prefer the MEGA when working with outputs because of its power jack.
I prefer the PRO MINI 2560 when working with inputs because of its small size.
*Prices found from Amazon as of 11/15/2021, subject to change. Pin count may be slightly off*

Connecting an Arduino to MobiFlight

Connect the Arduino board via a USB cable

Start MobiFlight Connector

MobiFlight will prompt you to upload firmware to the device.

Now configure the module according to your needs under “MobiFlight Modules”

Click the Add button to add a device

Click the Flash button to flash the Arduino into a MobiFlight Module

Do clones work?

Yes! Nearly all compatible Arduino Clones work.

Does the Arduino Mega CH340G Variant work?

MobiFlight uses Serial as the main communication bus. Sticking to the original 16u2 or 32u4 design (Non-CH340 G) is probably better. Many users are using either variant, so both should work fine. Debugging is typically easier with only one type of Arduino, so consistency is preferred as well.

You may need to install this driver.

Is the Arduino Uno supported?

Yes! MobiFlight just released an updated Uno Firmware. Make sure you have the latest version available (as of writing, it’s a beta version).
Some developers have been saying that there’s not enough memory on the Arduino Uno, which makes it difficult to compile, which is the main reason MF Firmware has not been released for it in years.

I only see 3 Ground Pins?! How can I connect 40+ switches?

Grounds can lead to multiple electronic switches, by splicing the wire, or stripping a large amount and connecting the components & wires to the bare wire.

You can usually do similar things with +5V.

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