CBS Flight Sim Podcast Ep. 15: Paul’s SkyShed and, deciding if we are crazy to build airplanes in our homes.

Paul’s “SkyShed” Instagram Account:

Pau’ls YouTube Channel:

How much did my sim cost vs a pilots licence? My budget spreadsheet for everything (I take the joy out of homecockpit building by making spreadsheets)

Is it worth it to be a pilot? ProAviationTips Article

Curved Projector Tutorial The Warthog Project

“A lot of the stuff, my way of thinking is overkill, and with the real planes you don’t overengineer something… When you’re solving these engineering problems… it’s putting the correct amount of effort, time, and materials into the job depending on what it needs to do.”


“Larry Jordan” (actually Russ Barlow 🙃) tutorials

This one was also useful:

What are the ’80s? A guide for the uncultured:

I thought it was funny when Paul was talking about some sims being made of machined metal and others being made of cereal packets.

My first yoke prototype looked like this:

Thank you so much Paul for doing the episode! It was absolutely fantastic!

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