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All prices are in USD. Instruments should not be used in actual aircraft, these do  not come with any aircraft documentation.
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5" Monitor $25+ Ship

This monitor works great for a GNS 530. In fact, I'll even include my CAD Files that I haven't shared on the channel.

Attitude Indicator $45+shipping

Super cool antique attitude indicator!
I believe this came from a Cold War era Fighter Jet.
Cage Knob on side is super fun to play with, it makes the instrument "lock up" and "unlock"
Way cool to have on your desk!

Looking for Prototypes?

These will be listed soon – email me if you are interested!

All Items:

Bearing converter Indicator $15+ ship

This is kind of a fun instrument! It has a small dent on the top.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X $5+Ship

Ahh. The nostalgia! Should work on windows computers.

Vintage compass $30+ship

This is a standard aviation compass. It is fun to spin around looking at your heading change... not that I've ever tried. Great to snag dimensions from and has a working bulb for lighting it. You might see if you can spin a magnet around with a stepper, tricking the compass into a flight sim compass.

Transmitter, Pressure, Syncro $10+ship

This is a real airplane part! I'm not sure what it does, but you feel special holding something that has once been in a plane.

Sold or Being Sold

(SOLD) Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant Fixed $25+ship

This is a gently used Saitek Pro Throttle Quadrant.

(SOLD) Honeycomb Alpha Yoke (Used) $190+Shipping

This yoke has been lightly used (I build much more than I fly 🙂 ) The stickiness on the footprint has warn off. Shipped in original box.

(SOLD) Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas One $30+ship

This joystick has served me well, but now I'm moving off to college and can't take it!

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