The Fantabulous Sim Starter Kit


Flight simulation is a hobby that can be confusing to get started in. We’ve provided the electronics you’ll use in your Flight Simulator to get you in the air!

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This kit includes:
Optional Arduino and USB Cable
1 Pack of 120 Male/Female, Male/Male, Female/Female Jumper Wires
1 Red Single Rocker
1 Red Dual Rocker switch
1 BYJ-28 Stepper Motor & Board
1 12 Position Rotary Switch with knob
4 Momentary Push Buttons
4 15mm D-Shaft Encoders and small plastic knobs
2 20mm D-Shaft Rotary Encoders and aluminum knobs
2 3 Position Toggle Switches
7 2 Position Toggle Switches
2 Momentary 3 position toggle switches
1 Servo
1 Blue LCD Display 16×2 characters (With PCB on back to be controlled by Arduino)
3 7 Segment Displays
4 Green LEDs
4 Red LEDs
2 RGB LED Common Cathode
10 150 ohms resistor for Red LEDs
10 68 ohm resistors for Green LEDs
5 100 ohms resistors for Green/Blue RGB pins
2 Limit switches (Long Roller Lever Type)
2 10K Potentiometers
1 Carrying Case

This kit has been engineered to allow you to easily get started with configuring flight simulators.

We’ve included just the right amount to allow you to make awesome creations:

Gear Handle: Use two Microswitches that activate when the gear handle goes either up or down. Show the gear position with either Green and Red LEDs or the RGB LEDs. An alternative method would be to use the 3 or 2 position switch.

Radio Panel: Use the three 7 segment displays, four 15mm encoders in a dual encoder configuration (Option 1, Option 2, Option 3), and two pushbuttons to display and change frequencies for your radio panel. Note: To make this beginner-friendly, this will not fit the standard 6.25″. A more complicated custom PCB would be required to make a radio stack to the real scale.

C-172 Switch Panel: Use the 12 position rotary switch (restricting the travel to 5 positions), the 7 toggle switches, the single red rocker switch, and dual red rocker switch to simulate the C-172 Switch Panel.

Altimeter: Use the Stepper Motor, Board, and 20mm Rotary Encoder to create a functioning altimeter.

This kit is intended to allow you to get off your feet and start configuring, plans are not included because of the differing needs of each simulator.


Note: No power supply is included- unless you plan on connecting multiple thirsty output devices (stepper motors and servos), you likely won’t need one.


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Weight 1.35 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 3 in
Select Arduino

None, Arduino Mega 2560, Arduino Uno


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