CaptainBob Switch Panel KIT



(1) Engraved Faceplate
3D Printed Parts (3D Printed Circuit Breakers, Key Mechanism Parts, Dual Switch Parts)
(1) Defender Security Drawer Key
(1) 5 Position rotary switch
(7) Toggle Switches
(4) Micro toggle switches
(3) M3 6 or 8mm screws
Arduino (Choose Mega, Pro Mini, or Pro Micro)
(1) Extension Spring (9/32″ x 1 -1/2)

You will need to provide your own wiring solutions (24 AWG)

Tools required:

  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Soldering iron and materials


Decal Version (printed labels), Engrave Version (engraved into plastic)


Mega, Pro Mini, Pro Micro


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